ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Ninth Edition education tutorial videos 2015


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Number OrderVideo Topic
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Video DurationFile Size
1Supplementary codes for chronic conditions0:19:3836.2
3Cystic fibrosis0:06:1711.7
4Pressure injury0:12:3622.6
6Cardiac ACS updates0:06:2711.6
7ACHI Chapter 7 Respiratory system0:06:4316.1
9Allergen challenge0:06:4612.2
10Obesity procedures0:05:0010.1
11ACS updates related to Chapter 210:10:4821.1
12ACS 0031 Anaesthesia0:03:296.8
13ACS 1006 Ventilatory support0:04:429.6
14ACS 1506 Fetal presentation, disproportion and abnormality of maternal pelvic organs0:05:1712.3
15ACS 1552 Premature rupture of membranes, labour delayed by therapy0:04:5710.1
16Other updates to ACHI0:09:2618.7
16Other updates to ACS0:04:158.4
16Other updates to ICD-10-AM0:08:3217.3
Total Viewing Time:2:28:14

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