Classification Access Portal

Welcome to the ACCD Classification Access Portal (CAP).

The Australian Consortium for Classification Development (ACCD) invites comments on various addenda proposals to improve ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS for the Eleventh Edition. These proposals have already been through various levels of consultation through the ICD Technical Group and have been approved for inclusion in the Eleventh Edition. If you did not get a chance to review or comment on these proposals then you are invited to provide feedback via the ACCD Public Consultation Phase.

The Public Consultation will consist of two open periods, one in May and a second in July 2018, each with different addenda proposals for comment. All feedback received through this Public Consultation will be published on ACCD’s website unless respondents specifically request that their feedback be kept confidential due to commercial or other reasons.

Registered CLIP users and the general public will be advised when the Public consultation opens.

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