What is sewer pipe?

What is sewer pipe?

A sewer pipe is used for carrying sewage from houses. Wastewater or feces need a sewer pipe to reach the sewer tank or septic tank. Hence, a waste pipe or sewer pipe is used at homes and commercial places.


Do you need to repair sewer pipes?

Yes, you may need to repair or replace a sewer pipe. But, a sewer pipe usually has a long life. Therefore, you may not need to repair it until it leaks.


Which is the best sewer pipe in the market?

You can find different types of sewer pipes in the market. There are clay pipes, cast iron pipes, PVC pipes, and (rarely) orange burg pipes.

But, PVC pipe (plastic) is the best sewer pipe. You can also use an ABS pipe (plastic). Plastic sewer pipes are the popular choice. Because these sewer pipes have many beneficial features.

Why should you use PVC sewer pipes in Australia?


1) Lightweight

PVC sewer pipes are super light. You can carry them and install them easily.


2) Easy To Cut

Plastic sewer pipes can be cut into any piece or size. You can cut these pipes with a simple tool.


3) Affordable

PVC sewer pipes are low-cost. Hence, you can replace them without any hesitation.


4) Smooth

Plastic sewer pipes are ideal pipes to carry waste. Because plastic pipes have smooth inside walls. That’s why wastes reach the sewer tank swiftly.


Where can you buy PVC sewer pipes in Australia?


1) Pipe King (www.pipeking.com.au)

This is a purely Australian company. They manufacture and supply superb quality PVC pipes.


2) Plascorp (www.plascorp.com.au)

This Australian company has a wide range of PVC pipes. So, you can find here different sizes of PVC sewer pipes.


3) Pipe